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      Welcome to Trinity MCC's Website. 

      We are so glad that you have visited with us today. 

      We hope you will be able to find everything you need but if you have any questions please contact us on 352 317 5143 or email

      We are a Christian Church that believes it is humanity that places boundaries on God's love and not God. 

      Therefore the mission of Trinity MCC is to spread the message of God's inclusive love.

      May your day be blessed by the God of your understanding.

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    • Pastoral Ponderings:

      October 1st

      It's Pride Month in Gainesville:

      I do wonder how much longer Pride is going to be needed, after all society is becoming more and more inclusive right? Sadly there is such a long way to go.  This past week we heard of a conference in Gainesville scheduled for the end of November that is called 'Unbound'. It is being run under the guise of loving the LGBTQIA community however the veil of love merely hides an abusive approach to the LGBTQIA Community.  The conference is being run by people from the 'ex-gay' community.  Another name for this is 'Deliverance'.  The LGBTQIA can be prayed over and they will become Straight and Cis-Gender.  Not only does this appall me by its mere nature, but the fact that this conference will teach parents/teachers and other community people that 'Homosexuality is a Sin' therefore encouraging children/youth to be brought to them so they can be prayed over and healed.  The Conference is being delivered by members of the ex-gay community.

      LGBTQIA youth suicide is at an all time high, not a statistic this country should be proud of and the reception that youth get when they come out on their journeys is a real part of the reason for this.  Trinity MCC has called community leaders to come together for an event to counter this conference.  Already there are hundreds in support of this event and the planning starts this coming week. 

      The same group running the conference also run a shelter for young people who are in the system and need refuge.  I am so pleased to say that the social workers and groups who refer young LGBTQIA people to this shelter have been told and they are now considering other options. 

      Is there a need for Pride?  YES.  Young people need to hear a message of hope and see how much support there is out there for them.  We need to come together to celebrate our rainbow diversity, we need to come together to remember those who have fought the battle for us to get this far, we need to come together to support those who are still facing adversity and hatred. 

      What would Jesus Do?  Although I don't like assuming what Jesus would do - but I think I can safely say, from his examples in the Bible, that he would be out in the midst of the community loving them.  Not condemning, not judging. 

      I hope you will join me this month at the Pride activities and support the rainbow members of your community. 

      Many blessings


      Office (352) 495-3378 or Cell (352) 317-5143









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