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 Below is our virtual worship service for April 11th 2021

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Trinity Time Out 40 – May The Lord Bless You

Join us for a short time of music and reflection.

Our Time Out is meant to help us stop and reflect during the week.

Please see below for this week’s video from our pastor

A Personal Invitation FROM REV CATHERINE

I would like to invite you to come and visit Trinity MCC.  We are an open, affirming and empowering community of faith that follows progressive Christianity.  Our church is set on 7 acres of beautiful woodland that includes a Labyrinth, Amphitheater and a trail.  Our Sunday morning worship is a family blended style.   Our message follows the example of Jesus; loving our neighbor and social justice.  Come along and receive a warm welcome, worship that invites you to grow your own spirituality and to ‘Come, Just As You Are!’  

I look forward to seeing you soon.


Trinity MCC is part of Metropolitan Community Churches, a worldwide denomination.  We are a congregational style church who believes in the unconditional love of God for ALL people, not just those we deem to be worthy.  Are we perfect?  NO, absolutely not.  However we are on a spiritual journey, like everyone else, doing our best and giving all that we are.  If you would like more information on Metropolitan Community Churches, please click on the logo above.


Anyone and everyone. 

We learnt a long time ago that God does not put boundaries on love, and neither should we.  Wherever you are on the ability, age, cultural, ethnicity, gender, race, sexuality,  socioeconomic and spirituality spectrum, you are welcome here.

This means ‘You are welcome and we want to hear from you, we want to celebrate your gifts and talents and we want to empower you’.