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Please join us for Palm Sunday 5th April Worship 11am below – Click on You Tube link at the top of the page to go to our You Tube Channel, where you will find past services and announcements.


Please see below for a video from our pastor.

A Personal Invitation FROM REV CATHERINE

I would like to invite you to come and visit Trinity MCC.  We are an open, affirming and empowering community of faith that follows progressive Christianity.  Our church is set on 7 acres of beautiful woodland that includes a Labyrinth, Amphitheater and a trail.  Our Sunday morning worship is a family blended style.   Our message follows the example of Jesus; loving our neighbor and social justice.  Come along and receive a warm welcome, worship that invites you to grow your own spirituality and to ‘Come, Just As You Are!’  

I look forward to seeing you soon.


Trinity MCC is part of Metropolitan Community Churches, a worldwide denomination.  We are a congregational style church who believes in the unconditional love of God for ALL people, not just those we deem to be worthy.  Are we perfect?  NO, absolutely not.  However we are on a spiritual journey, like everyone else, doing our best and giving all that we are.  If you would like more information on Metropolitan Community Churches, please click on the logo above.


Anyone and everyone. 

We learnt a long time ago that God does not put boundaries on love, and neither should we.  Wherever you are on the ability, age, cultural, ethnicity, gender, race, sexuality,  socioeconomic and spirituality spectrum, you are welcome here.

This means ‘You are welcome and we want to hear from you, we want to celebrate your gifts and talents and we want to empower you’.

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#TrinityMCC #everyoneiswelcome #allinclusive #cometoworshipgnv
  • Social distancing at its best - round the campfire at church.  Time to share together without contact.  #TrinityMCC #everyoneiswelcome #allinclusive
  • Please click link to find out how you can access our online worship. https://mailchi.mp/775162b68c0e/the-gates-are-open-and-we-are-on-line.
  • Are you concerned about your recovery journey from addictions at this time when meetings are starting to close?  This is a wonderful resource where they have electronic meetings that you can log into. https://www.weconnectrecovery.com/
  • Good morning everyone.  It is a beautiful day out there.  We will be having worship in person this morning at 11am for the last time for a few weeks.  If you feel able to join us we would love to see you.  Worship next week will be recorded and posted at 11am and we hope you will join us virtually. Watch out for more announcements.  #TrinityMCC #everyoneiswelcome #allinclusive #cometoworshipgnv
  • Good morning everyone 
After discussion, we have agreed to postpone the Friday night meal and auction; new date to be announced.  We want to be sure that we take all precautions while we are unsure about the Coronavirus.  There is at least one confirmed case of Coronvirus now in Alachua County and while testing is so limited, we are unsure if this has spread any further.  The nature of our Friday night meals means fairly close contact with many people and we do not want to take that risk, when we can postpone the event til later and have a much more relaxed event.  The guidelines are to stay away from events that mean you are in close contact with people and so we have also decided to not hold any mid-week events, which is in line with the actions other faith groups in Alachua County are taking.  While this is a difficult decision, we feel it is important to be cautious at this time.  I will still hold open office hours so you can come over to church if you need or want to.  At this time where many people are self-isolating, I want to remind you that our church grounds are available for some beautiful relaxation time in nature. 
We will still have our Sunday worship at this time. 
However our Senior Leadership will ensure, that should we need to stop holding open worship on Sundays due to an increased risk due to Coronavirus, we will record a service each week and post it on line and on the website each Sunday at 11am. 
I want to encourage you to reach out to myself, Sandra or the Care team if you need support during this time as we are aware it is difficult.  We encourage you to follow the guidelines that are issued by the CDC and keep safe, and where possible reach out to those around you and make sure they have what they need, especially those in our community who are more vulnerable.
  • Good morning everyone. Come and join us for worship this morning at 11am.  We can’t wait to celebrate this day with you.  #TrinityMCC #everyoneiswelcome #allinclusive #cometoworshipgnv