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      Welcome to Trinity MCC's Website. 

      We are so glad that you have visited with us today. 

      We hope you will be able to find everything you need but if you have any questions please contact us on 352 317 5143 or email

      We are a Christian Church that believes it is humanity that places boundaries on God's love and not God. 

      Therefore the mission of Trinity MCC is to spread the message of God's inclusive love.

      May your day be blessed by the God of your understanding.

    • Pastoral Ponderings:

      November 28th

      We have begun our Advent Journey at Trinity MCC.  We are following the UFMCC Liturgy for Advent which explores the theme 'Lighting the Way to . . .'.

      In this rapidly changing world, with so much uncertainty along our journey, a time that where we are going is not entirely clear.  Our theme of lighting the way will focus on how, though we have the promises of God, it is still not entirely clear how those promises will come to be… that God is guiding us somewhere we have never been before, that even though we may not know clearly where that is, we just need enough light and faith to move just a little farther down the path.

      Along our Advent journey into the unmapped future, we have faith in God for Lighting the Way… to
      Unfamiliar Peace
      Unclear Hope
      Unrevealed Joy
      Unknown Love
      the Unexpected Christ

      We look forward to sharing with you in this series.  If you are not able to come on Sundays we are also running an Advent Study Series called 'What Do You Want For Christmas?' on Wednesday evenings from 7pm - 8.30pm.

      My prayer is your Advent Journey will be one of discovery about peace, hope, joy and love.


      Rev Catherine Dearlove

      Office (352) 495-3378 or Cell (352) 317-5143

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