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    • Welcome to Trinity MCC's Website.

        We are so glad that you have visited with us today. 

      We hope you will be able to find everything you need but if you have any questions please contact us on 352 317 5143 or email

      We are a Christian Church that believes it is humanity that places boundaries on God's love and not God.  Therefore the mission of Trinity MCC is to spread the message of God's inclusive love.

      May your day be blessed by the God of your understanding.


      January 27th 2016

      Metropolitan Community Church is looking to elect a new moderator this year.  This person will follow on from the only two moderators we have had; our Founder Rev Elder Troy Perry and Rev Elder Dr Nancy Wilson.  To see the nominees please visit

      At Trinity MCC we are also on a new journey together.  As we prepare for Lent and travel this journey together, I encourage all our friends, members and visitors to consider what your journey is with us?  What we can do to help you in your spiritual journey and how you can be prepared for the Easter Message.  There are often things that we need to do to lay aside our own baggage so that we can be open to new possibilities. 

      My prayer for all of us is that we can be open to and expect blessings on each day of our journey through life.

      Thank you

      Rev Catherine Dearlove

      Office (352) 495-3378 or Cell (352) 317-5143

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