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Sunday, August 16, 2009 Sunday, August 16, 2009

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Sunday, August 16, 2009

Posted on Wed, Aug 12, 2009

Rev. Jim’s sermon title is “Living with Jesus …all the Way”.

Link to today's sermon:  "Living with Jesus ... All the Way"

This evening I’m going to the birthday celebration of a friend who is 80 years old. I have had this date on my calendar for months and last week called to confirm that it was still happening.  I’ve been thinking about my friend and why I’m so drawn to her.  One of the first things I remember is her smile.  Her smile is sweet and loving and it reflects a lifetime of experience.  What is remarkable to me is the knowledge that like the rest of us her life has been filled with joy and with moments of extreme difficulty.  And yet almost everything I hear from her is positive and loving. 

 There’s a survey today on CNN’s website that suggests that many people get happier as they age.  Right now it shows 43% happier, 41% less happy and 15% unchanged.  As far as I’m concerned 15% unchanged is like saying, “happier than I could have been,” so I’m going to count them in the happy column.  That means when using my method, 68% report being happy as they age.  In that light I want to suggest some keys to happiness for us to consider. 

 First, find a calling and live into it.  There is a purpose for which each person is created. We find ultimate happiness when we know that purpose and do our best to live according to it. Second, intentionally maintain positive relationship with others. This can be very difficult for people who are fragile or who are easily offended.  It is also one way of living that will bring many blessings to our lives.  Third, live responsibly. Tune in to the world, the earth, the universe, the cosmos, plants and animals; all that God has created and show extremely loving care always and everywhere.  Finally, find a peaceful place in your home, in nature, and inside yourself.  I love the image of Jesus as the Prince of Peace.  It is a wonderful blessing to know that God cares about what is important to us.  Finding some quiet time to breathe in and out, listen for God, release stress and welcome peacefulness will lower blood pressure, ease bodily tension, aide in digestion, and promote overall healthy living.  Best of all peaceful living is a reflection of the journey on which we are accompanied by this Prince of Peace who loves us so much. Peace to you and Happy Birthday, Marion.


Rev. Jim


WORSHIP SERVICE:  This Sunday Rev. Jim’s sermon title is “Living with Jesus …all the Way”.   

Scripture Readings for Sunday, Aug. 9, 2009:  Ephesians 5:15-20 and John 6:51-58.