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Report from Making Our Dreams Come True Day Report from Making Our Dreams Come True Day

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Report from Making Our Dreams Come True Day

Posted on Wed, Mar 30, 2011

Pastor’s Report from Making Our Dreams Come True Day

March 19, 2011



 Members and friends of Trinity MCC were encouraged to come together for a day of visioning and dreaming about the future of the church.  First, we hoped to come to consensus on a vision for our sanctuary, our campus and our ministry for the next two to three years. Second, we wanted to offer the opportunity for input by the greatest possible number of congregants at the church.  Finally, we wanted to coordinate our work to better facilitate larger numbers of people working together on shared projects.


 We began promoting the event in January 2011, using tools like Trinity E-talk, Sunday announcements, Friday Reminder messages and the pastor’s sermons.  The pastor solicited the firm and visible support of key leadership groups including deacons, board, and worship team. 

 We met at 10:00 on Saturday morning and offered a continental breakfast.  The pastor, as facilitator, offered a morning devotional, after which he detailed the plan for the day. We would consider four aspects of our work together; our sanctuary, our campus, our ministry and our inter generational concerns.  Finally we would agree to a priority list for the next three years. Questions were addressed and we began our work.

 Sanctuary:  Participants were asked to quietly spend up to 30 minutes in the sanctuary.  During that time they were asked to visualize/dream about what our sanctuary should look like, include and provide.  Two primary concerns were offered, first that those who have worshipped here for years continue to feel welcome here and second that those who have yet to come would find the space welcoming and appealing to them. After that time, we came back together to process our dreams.  The full list we recorded follows.

Sanctuary (in the order they were recorded)

More kids participation Baby grand piano Organ to stay/go/sell it? 

Expanded music program Unblock stained glass

Put stained glass in windows on sides of altar Paint/seal the ceiling 

Fresh varnish on wood surfaces Get rid of clutter throughout 

Streamline narthex and back of sanctuary Paint/improve closet doors 

Increase signage – make things obvious Make pulpit bigger and raise it up

Professional Multimedia equipment including sound system, recording and projection equipment. 

Designate space for the choir Add a steeple/bell tower Double church size

Appropriate electric service, outlets for events Add a picture of Jesus

Provide bibles in the sanctuary

The Group then chose four priorities from this list.  They were:

  1. Expanded Music Program 
  2. De-cluttering 
  3. Professional Multimedia Systems and
  4. Double the size of the church (including choir room, offices, meeting rooms, fellowship space)


Campus – The same process was used to dream/visualize the campus of our church.

Campus (in the order they were recorded)

Add salt lick Add steeple Increase space for social events Kids’ play area

Box with brochures near road Add office overhang Replace landscaping timbers

New building Screen entryway Improve signage at the road

Well-designed appealing entrance Fence perimeter Add benches to trails

Covered walkway to social hall that matches environment Join sidewalks

Extend slab for handicapped parking Add picnic tables 

Overall campus beautification Move garden Signage for sinkhole

Improve plaques on trails including signage for buried Cremains Add statues

Refurbish all signage Solar power/generators Add Koi pond 

Fence garden Run water to labyrinth Increase participation in Campus Clean-up

Thin out dead/dying trees and samplings Add flowering trees Sprinkler system


Priority List

  1. Well designed appealing entrance
  2. Join sidewalks and extend slab
  3. Increase participation in Campus Clean-up including alternate times









Ministry – The same process was used for this section.



Ministry (in the order they were recorded)


Student bus ministry Student and youth ministries  Increase AIDS Ministry


Weeknight service at another location Increase involvement in Justice Ministry


Outreach teams to reach more of the community Connect with PFLAG and other allies


Information Ministry – at local events


Coalition building with other churches Different locations for bible studies


Increase diversity of worship service Add home groups/bible studies


Develop Ministry Teams Increase diversity of educational offerings


Business Ministry Church Library Retreats


Media Ministry Expand Music Ministry Field Trips


Priority List

  1. Development of Outreach Teams
  2. Increase diversity of worship service
  3. Expanded music ministry – Note: This is the second time as a priority


In order to better facilitate participation and confidentiality, we did not take notes during the inter-generational chat.  It was clear that if we really wanted to be Metropolitan COMMUNITY Church, all of us, including newcomers, would need to “Try it on” over and over again.  The overwhelming feeling of the group, with no verbalized exceptions, was that they were willing to do that.

 At the end of the day, we developed a final priority list, some of which extends out three or more years.


Priority List

Year One

 Increase Diversity of Worship Services  Worship Team

 Add Professional Multimedia Systems Multimedia Team Needed

 Increase Participation in Campus Clean-up Grounds Team(s)

 Develop and begin implement plan for improved Entrance Team needed

 Inside de-cluttering and signage  Team Needed

 Increase Community Outreach/Information Outreach Team Needed

 Begin investigation of building process Building Team Needed


Year Two

 Greatly expand Music Program (space and piano) Music Team Needed

 Begin Building Plan Development Building Team

 Complete Improved Entrance Team Needed

Year Three

 Begin building plan if appropriate to do so All of us Together


The Future:

 We are now in the process of staffing all the needed teams.  The Worship Team will begin implementing some diverse elements in worship after Easter.  We will continue to hold these visioning events at least annually.  Most important of all, every member and friend of Trinity is needed in order for us to succeed in these ministry endeavors.  I hope all of us will pray about the place God intends for us to plug in. We continue to seek input so we’ll be discussing this document in many ways.  Pray with me that God will lead us into the bright future of TMCC.