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An Update from Trinity's Endowment Fund Trustees An Update from Trinity's Endowment Fund Trustees

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An Update from Trinity's Endowment Fund Trustees

Posted on Sat, May 5, 2012



The Endowment Fund of

Trinity Metropolitan Community Church of Gainesville, Inc.

The Reverend Doctor Jim Merritt, Pastor


What is the Trinity MCC Endowment Fund?

The Endowment Fund was officially established by a resolution of the congregation in 2006 to act as a long-term financial resource to ensure that future generations will hear Trinity MCC’s message of inclusive love. Gift giving is an activity at the very heart of the Christian faith. The Biblical record chronicles the activity of God as a gift-giver and demonstrates how persons of faith have responded with gifts of their own. This understanding of giving provides a powerful motivation for giving – both now and in the future.


How is the Endowment Funded?

On behalf of the Fund, trustees accept gifts or bequests from members of the congregation or others who wish to make a memorial or honorary gift.


Who controls the Fund?

Three trustees who are elected by the congregation and the pastor who serves as moderator direct the activities of the Endowment Fund.


How are endowed funds managed?

Endowed monies are actively invested in a way to maximize capital growth and minimize loss. Proceeds generated by invested monies may be granted to support the mission and ministries of Trinity MCC; however, resources of the Endowment are not spent for current or ongoing operating expenses of the church.


What sorts of assets can be donated?

Gifts or bequests of money, securities and properties can be made to the Endowment Fund.


What are some of the occasions that inspire donations?

Gifts are made to celebrate important milestones in the lives of members of the congregation such as births, deaths, honors and awards, memorials, marriages, and anniversaries.


How are bequests made to the Endowment Fund?

There are several ways to do this. A simple bequest can be written in to your will. Life insurance policies can list the Trinity MCC Endowment Fund as the beneficiary. Or simply place a check payable to TMCC Endowment Fund in the collection plate at a Sunday Service. If the donation is a memorial or honorary gift, please indicate the person or event remembered.


How is my gift recognized?

The Board of Trustees will work with you to identify the most appropriate way for your gift to be recognized and celebrated.


What are the possible tax benefits?

Contributions to the Endowment Fund may provide substantial tax advantages to the donor and/or the donor’s estate. However, tax implications differ significantly according to the type of donation and the financial circumstances of the donor. Please consult with an accountant or attorney for detailed information.


Need more information?

Contact the church and request to talk with an Endowment Fund Trustee.


PO Box 140535 Gainesville, Florida 3261411604 SW Archer Road 32608 352-495-3378