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John Ayerbe John Ayerbe

John Ayerbe
Title: Vice Moderator
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John was born in Popayan, Columbia.  John comes from a bi-cultural family, Columbia, South America and Hastings, Florida.  His father's family is from the small town of Popayan, a traditional colonial town, one of the oldest in Columbia.  His mother's family comes from a long line of potato farmers in Hastings, Florida.  He was raised in both the Catholic and Methodist churches and found himself embracing both spiritual traditions.

John finished high school in Peru, Junior College in Columbia and finished with a Bachelors Degree in Gainesville, Florida.  He currently works for an architecture firm in Alachua, specializing in educationally and religious architecture.  He has been in a committed relationship for the past 35 years with his partner Thomas Everson.

John did the original drawings for the current building in the early 80's and joined Trinity MCC formally in 2016.