Sunday, September 20, 2009

Posted on Wed, Sep 16, 2009:

Sermon: The Greatest Love of All

Link to Rev. Jim's Sermon:  “The Greatest Love of All:  A Message for Children of All Ages”. 

Dear Trinity Friends,

            Thank you so much for your kind and extravagant hospitality to the guest preachers who have been with you while I’ve been away.  Both of them enjoyed being with you and feeling the good welcoming energy that is present in our church.  I am thrilled to hear that from them.  So as I write this note Al and I are in Boston.  Today we’re going to hang out with my good friend Rev. Karen Coleman who is an Episcopal Priest.  We’ll spend some time with Al’s niece Katie, visit one of Al’s favorite places to buy old fashioned men’s colognes, stop by the restaurant where I get what I consider the best nuts in the world, my favorite cupcake shop, and of course….can you guess…Starbucks!  I love Boston/Cambridge so much and am so happy to have even a few hours here.

            Buckle your seatbelts.  Here comes one of those scary times I’ve been telling you about.  Call me old fashioned, call me stuck in my former Baptist ways, call me out of touch with reality in this modern era of the church and you still will find that I believe in the spiritual practice of tithing and bringing offerings to the church.  I, like most of you, have struggled to maintain that practice over many years of trying and I am still committed to it. After careful consultation with the board and with the fun-raising team, I am asking that we take a break from fun-raising for the month of October.  The only exception to that will be the activities we do around Pride.  The scary part is that we’ve depended on fundraising to get us through for a long time. I believe God will bless us for making a faithful attempt to live into the spiritual practice of giving.  I believe we will move forward rather than fall behind.  In that light, I am asking all of us to practice tithing on some level throughout the month of October.  If you want to talk about money, this would be a great time to come visit with me for a personal chat.  Over the next two weeks I ask you to pray about what God would have you do during this time of spiritual focus on giving back a specific portion of what God has given us.  Will you join with me during this time?  God bless you in your preparation.

            Children of all ages, I’m planning something special for you this Sunday.  Make sure you’re here for our first Children’s Moment during the sermon.  I think you’ll like it.


Rev. Jim

This Sunday Rev. Jim’s, who has been on vacation, sermon title is “The Greatest Love of All:  A Message for Children of All Ages”. 

Scripture Readings for Sunday, Sept. 20, 2009:  Psalm 54 and Mark 9:30-37.

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