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Prayer Request: Reconciliation with a friend Prayer Request: Reconciliation with a friend

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Reconciliation with a friend (Aug 14, 2018)

Prayer Request:
I had a friend, he called me his best friend but when i reprimanded him for having an extra marital affair while his wife was struggling with pregnancy and also for taking money from me to buy gift for this woman... He stopped talking to me and shut me out everytime i reached out to him.   I recently tried to reconcile once again but realised he was still having a relationship with the other woman and his wife a devout christian is still clueless and trusts her husband implicitly.  He refused to talk to me instead made fun and was rude to me. Request a prayer that my friend sees reason and breaks this extra marital relationship and concentrate on only on his wife and kids.  He should also realise what he did to me and apologise or come back to me as a friend once again.