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   Helpful Links   

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· UFMCC - Metropolitan Community Churches Worldwide
· 9 tips for dealing with bullies
· AROD - Cyberbullying Guide
· Drug Rehab - Domestic Abuse and Addiction
· HAVOCA - Help for Adult Victims of Child Abuse
· Household Quotes - Guide to Keeping Children Safe Online
· Online Schools - Support for Bullying
· Peaceful Paths - Support for those who are fleeing domestic violence
   Addiction Resources   
· Addiction Center - Florida Addiction and Inpatient Drug Rehab
· Addiction Resources
· Addiction when Transgender - Addiction when Transgender
· Advanced Recovery Systems - Signs of Addiction
· Alcohol Rehab Guide - A guide to finding rehabilitation support for people suffering with alcohol addiction
· Alcoholics Anonymous
· Alcorehab - A Free Guide with alcohol addiction
· Best Mattress Reviews - Sleeping and Addiction
· Consumer Safety - Guide to Drug Safety
· Drug and Alcohol Rehabs - Learn about various kinds of rehab
· Drug Dangers - Drug Dangers
· Drug Rehab Finder - Resources
· Drug Treatment Center Finder
· Elite Rehab Placement - Christian Alcohol Rehab Centers
· Elite Rehab Placement - Christian Drug rehabCenters
· How to overcome discrimination without using drugs and alcohol
· Ocean Recovery - The Benefits of Going to Rehab Abroad
· Quit Alcohol - Drinking and Driving Dangers
· Inpatient Rehab - If you're looking to help yourself or someone you love struggling with drug or alcohol addiction
· Quit Smoking - Help to quit smoking
· Rehab Center - Resources for finding rehab centers
· RX Dangers - Information about Prescription Drugs
· SAMHSA - Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration
· Teen Addiction Resources - All Treatment
· The Recovery Village - Support with recovery
· The Treehouse Rehab - Addiciiton and Discrimination
· Tobacco Free Life - Resources to help you give up smoking
· Treatment 4 Addiction - Online Recovery Resource Directory
· Vaping 101 - Information about Vaping
· Vaping And Parenting Guide - Mig Vapor
· Video Game Addiction Resources - A Forever Recovery
· The Crisis Center
   Family Services   
· American Progress - Strengthening Child Welfare Systems
· Movement Advancement Project - Foster and Adoption Laws
· Single Mothers Grants - A help to find grants for single mothers
· Grants For Native Americans
   Funerals and Planning The Hereafter   
· Final Friends - Final Friends of Gainesville is an independent group of community volunteers who provide free education, guidance, and support for a “home funeral”
· Prairie Creek Conservation Cemetry - A Natural Choice For The Environment
· Attorney General -Florida
· City of Gainesville
· FBI - Hate Crimes
· Florida Government
· The White House
· 40 ways to create peace of mind
· American Cancer Organization - Support and Resources for Cancer
· Cerebral Palsy Group - Support and Resources for people living with Cerebral Palsy
· Cerebral Palsy Guidance - Cerebral Palsy and LGBT?
· Mesothelioma Support
· Promoting Mental health At Home - How to create a meditation room at home
· Recall Report - Reporting on the latest dangerous drugs
· Florida Health - HIV Testing
· Gainesville Area Aids Project - Gainesville Area Aids Project
   Human Rights   
· Human Rights Coalition of Alachua County
· US Equal Employment Opportunity Commission
· Medical Malpractice Center - Assistance with medical malpractice issues
   LGBT Resources   
· A College Guide - Financial and strategy support for LGBT students
· American Progress - Strengthening Child Welfare Systems by Resisting LGBT Discrimination
· CDC - LQBTQ Youth Resources
· Children of Lesbians and Gays Everywhere
· College LGBT Student Guide - Help to fid an LGBT supportive college
· Coming Out To Your Conservative Christian Parents - Advice from an Evangelical Pastor
· Coming Out To Your Parents Guide - Coming Out To Your Parents Guide
· Dean of Students for LGBT Affairs UF
· EEOC - What You Should Know About EEOC and the Enforcement Protections for LGBT Workers
· Equality Florida - Equality and Justice for Florida's LGBTQ Community
· Fair and Affordable Housing for LGBT people
· Gainesville Community Alliance - Social membership organization for LGBT people, friends and family
· Human Rights Council National
· Human Rights Council North Florida
· JMU - 51 fabulous ways to support LGBT community
· Lambda Legal - Legal Support for LGBT people
· North Carolina Anti LGBT Law explained
· Parents And Friends of Lesbians and Gays - Support Group
· Pride Community Center - North Florida's Pride Center - a center for North Florida's LGBTQ community
· Redfin - Fostering Pride in the LGBT Community
· Same Sex Marriage Discrimination Guide
· Stronger Than Ever - A Counseling Guide for the LGBTQ Community
· Supporting Your LGBT Child - Supporting Your LGBT Child
· The Best - The 25 best Colleges for LGBTQ Students
· The Best - College Resources for LGBTQ Students
· The Coming Out Project - Coming Out as Gay or Lesbian: Common Questions from Parents
· Top 10 LGBT Friendly cities in USA
· Tranquility - Support group for trans and gender non-confirming people
· Tree House - Discrimination And Addiction: How To Overcome Prejudice Without Relying On Drugs Or Alcohol
· City of Gainesville
· Welcoming Gainesville - Making visitors feel welcome
   Multi Faith Resources   
· Campus Multifaith Ministry - UF's Multifaith Group
   Prison, Jail and Transition   
· House Of Hope - Prison Transition Ministry
· Consumer Dangers - Safety Information To Keep Your Family Safe
· Community Safety - Information to lead a heppy health safe life
· Gainesville Police
   Social Justice   
· IAIJ - Interfaith Alliance for Immigrant Justice
· Global Justice Institute - MCC's Global Justice Institute
· Humans Right Coalition of Alachua County
   Support for Women   
· 10 Tips for Women Who want to get into IOT
· 75+ Amazing LGBTQIA+ Travel Resources, Discounts, & Helpful Sites