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Trinity MCC Trinity MCC

Core Values Core Values

Our Core Values
Embracing diversity
Welcoming all with respect and friendship, creating sanctuary and community.
Celebrating God’s Presence within our life’s
journey and giving thanks daily through worship and prayer.
Consistent witness
Of God’s love for all.
Looking to Christ
As Guide, Teacher and Example for living, who provides the way by which
we develop love for God, ourselves and our neighbors.
Embodying wholeness
By striving toward the integration of our
spirituality, sexuality and healing.
Using our gifts faithfully and responsibility in the church we are called to serve,
and in the wider creation entrusted to us by God.
Intentional education
Developing our knowledge, expanding our boundaries,
refusing to accept limitations.
Action in community
Working for change, peace and justice to educate the world around us
of God’s charity and grace.