Trinity MCC, Gainesville

About Us

About Us

On this page you will find our Mission, Vision and Core Values as well as a brief bio about our Staff and Board.

Mission Statement

The mission of Trinity Metropolitan Community Church of Gainesville is to spread the message of God’s inclusive love.


The vision of Trinity Metropolitan Community Church of Gainesville is to:

  • welcome all people,
  • actively pursue social justice and peace,
  • respect the faith of all people and invite them to participate in our worship,
  • pursue answers to life’s questions with open hearts and minds both as individuals and as a congregation,
  • share our spiritual gifts, talents and resources within our congregation, our community and beyond.

Core Values

The Core Values of Trinity MCC are:

Embracing diversity

Welcoming all with respect and friendship, creating sanctuary and community.


Celebrating God’s Presence within our life’s journey and giving thanks daily through worship and prayer.

 Consistent witness

Of God’s love for all.

Looking to Christ

As Guide, Teacher and Example for living, who provides the way by which we develop love for God, ourselves and our neighbors.

 Embodying wholeness

By striving toward the integration of our spirituality, sexuality and healing.


Using our gifts faithfully and responsibility in the church we are called to serve,and in the wider creation entrusted to us by God.

 Intentional education

Developing our knowledge, expanding our boundaries, refusing to accept limitations.

 Action in community

Working for change, peace and justice to educate the world around us of God’s charity and grace.

Rev Catherine Dearlove, Senior Pastor

Rev Catherine joined Trinity MCC on the 8th November 2015 from England as our Provisional Pastor. This position was made permanent on June 12th 2016 by a unanimous vote.
She worked in the UK as Founding and Senior Pastor of River of Life MCC, Dorchester, Dorset.
She also served as Interim Pastor at MCC Brighton, East Sussex. Rev Catherine has been a member of MCC since 1982 in England, Australia and now the USA.
She has a Bachelor in Theology from Brisbane College of Theology, Queensland, Australia and completed her Masters in Contemporary Christian Spirituality through Sarum College, Salisbury, England.

Rev Catherine has served as the European Coordinator for the Office of Formation and Leadership and Development and on the Governing Board Nominating Committee for MCC, and is currently part of the OASIS Team who are working on a virtual ministry worldwide for MCC.
Rev Catherine enjoys anything to do with nature – and lives with her three dogs: Bobby, Simba and Lola and goats: Mischief, Oreo and Rascal.
She also has a penchant for English, Belgium and Swiss Chocolate and although has a generous heart, WILL NOT share her chocolate with others.

Jonathan Dees
Music Director

Throughout the years Jonathan said he has been blessed to play and sing in various settings and develop this gifting. His parents recognized the gift and a few years later enrolled him in private music lessons piano, violin, and they bought him just about any instrument he asked for including Piano, Organ, Rhythm Guitar, Bass, Drums, Bells, Xylophones, Harmonica, Violin and some other miscellaneous instruments. Later in life he took 2 years of college music focusing on voice and piano.
Along the way he has also been blessed to preach and teach at various denominations, he took all the home college courses for the AG to be qualified as a licensed minister, although he felt the call to ministry long before then and was allowed to speak at his parents Baptist church when he was in my early teens as well as in private Christian school. He was ordained a minister in an, Independent Pentecostal Church years ago in which he served as the Assistant Pastor, Music minister, and Youth leader, and since that time have had the opportunity to preach and teach in various denominations including most of the ones mentioned above.
Jonathan is convinced that the more relationship we have going up and down between us and God the more effective we are in ministry.

MaryJo Valle
Confidential Assistant
To The Pastor

Hi everyone! My name is Maryjo Diaz Valle; I am a first-generation Nicaraguan American from Miami, FL. I use she/they pronouns. I recently graduated with my Master’s in Agronomy from the University of Florida and received my Bachelor’s in Plant Genetics/Gender and Women’s Studies from UF as well. I’m very into reading works by Angela Davis, Kimberle Crenshaw, Ralina Joseph, Rigoberta Menchu, among other writers, poets, and activists that share their intersectional lived experiences in an oppressive society. If you’re looking for something new to read, I’m more than willing to share some suggestions!

I have joined the Trinity MCC team as Rev. Catherine’s confidential assistant. If you have any questions, concerns, or simply want to say hello, please feel free to reach out at If you have any community events in Gainesville or at large, ideas, charity/donation opportunities that you would like to let everyone at Trinity MCC know, please send me an email to share! I hope to meet everyone in the near future, for now, stay safe and warm hellos from behind the computer screen.

John Ayerbe Vice Moderator - Board

John was born in Popayan, Columbia. John comes from a bi-cultural family, Columbia, South America and Hastings, Florida. His father’s family is from the small town of Popayan, a traditional colonial town, one of the oldest in Columbia. His mother’s family comes from a long line of potato farmers in Hastings, Florida. He was raised in both the Catholic and Methodist churches and found himself embracing both spiritual traditions.

John finished high school in Peru, Junior College in Columbia and finished with a Bachelors Degree in Gainesville, Florida. He currently works for an architecture firm in Alachua, specializing in educationally and religious architecture. He has been in a committed relationship for the past 35 years with his partner Thomas Everson.

John did the original drawings for the current building in the early 80’s and joined Trinity MCC formally in 2016.


John also plays guitar on the worship Team and brings a wonderful diversity with speaking our prayers in Spanish sometimes.


Jackie LaPerriere
Board Member

Jacqueline was born in Beaver Falls, PA. Her family lived nearby in the town of Beaver and she was raised in the Lutheran church. Wanting to escape the cold of northern winters, she came south after high school graduation and attended the University of South Florida in Tampa before transferring to pursue her Bachelor’s in Pharmacy degree at the University of Florida.
Jackie returned to Tampa after graduation, completed residency training at the James A. Haley VAMC and subsequently spent 13 years at the H. Lee Moffitt Cancer Center and Research institute as an oncology pharmacist and Coordinator of the Interdisciplinary Pain & Palliative care Team. During this time she began attending the Metropolitan Community Church of Tampa. She also completed her Doctor of Pharmacy Degree at the University of South Carolina and made the move back to Gainesville to begin a new career as a Medical Science Liaison/ Regional Medical Director in the pharmaceutical industry. During this time Jackie began attending Trinity MCC and became a member last year. She also serves as a member of the TMCC Building Committee.
In her spare time Jackie enjoys golfing, biking, hiking, reading and anything Gator-related. She also has two fur kids, Keeva (the big white dog) and Tioga (the verbose tuxedo cat).

Jeff Yager Clerk of the Board

Jeffrey was born in London, England and adopted by his parents as an infant; his father was in the U.S. Air Force and stationed in England. He has 2 brothers, he is the middle child. Jeffrey has lived in Australia, England and the Azores (Portuguese Islands), and has lived in Colorado, Texas, Kansas, Virginia and Florida. Due to his father’s military career, they moved quite a bit. Jeffrey attend 12 different schools by the time he graduated high school. He earned a A.A. degree from Lake City Community College. Jeffrey has worked in the medical insurance industry from 1987 – 2003 as a Claims Supervisor. In 2003, he began working at North Florida Regional Medical Center as a supervisor, manager and then a financial counselor. In 2013, he transferred to the Collections Department of HCA and works from home.
Jeffrey came to Trinity MCC with his partner Jerry in 2005 and they both joined the church soon after. Jeffrey has served on the Board of Directors and on the Pastoral Search Committee.

Margret Weeks
Board Member

Margret was born in Gainesville in and raised in Bronson. She graduated from Bronson High School and Santa Fe College, obtaining her EMT certificate and AA Degree. Margret has been married to Debra Page for 6 wonderful years; and joyously helps raise their fur babies which include: Sonny, Nucky, Priss, Taco, Molli, & Mylo.

Margret has been a member of TMCC since 2013. She says the “love, compassion, and acceptance at Trinity are several of the reasons she decided to make us her church home; and she is looking forward to working with everyone for on the growth of Trinity.”


Tamara Millay

Tamara was raised in the Midwest, and lived in St. Louis, Missouri, from 1989 through 2012. She earned a B.A. in Psychology from Webster University, and worked in an administrative capacity at several local businesses over the years. She was also active in politics, running for office multiple times and advocating on issues, including anti-war protests. In 2002 Tamara was hired at Washington University School of Medicine, where she worked in the Epidemiology and Prevention Research Group on several research studies, including an HIV prevention intervention for women in the criminal justice system. Tamara moved her family to Gainesville in 2013, after her boss became Founding Chair of the Department of Epidemiology at UF. In 2015 she became active in the Gainesville LGBTQ community as part of the Steering Committee for Alachua TranQuility, a community group for trans folk and their allies that meets monthly at UF’s HealthStreet.
Tamara was raised in several Christian traditions but had not been active in any church for many years prior to relocating to Florida. The warm welcome and loving embrace she and her family experienced upon visiting Trinity MCC in August of 2015 made it a natural spiritual home for her. She became a member in early 2016 and was elected to the Board late that year.

Jerri-Anne Tangney Yager
Care Team Coordinator

Jerri Anne uses She/Her pronouns. She has been with her husband Jeff Yager for 21 years, married for 6. She has a daughter Tresa, a granddaughter Jamey, a grandson Anthony and his wife Rachel and great grandson Liam.

Jerri-Anne was born in central Florida and lived in south Florida as well as Gainesville. Her mothers family has roots in this area going back to the 1800’s. Before settling here she graduated from “Beauty School “ (Luella and Porters school of beauty, looks great in script). This allowed her to work in Palm Beach, the Bahamas where she worked in a salon on a navy base.  Later on came Orlando and horrible memories as “Teddy Bear” at fantastic Sam’s. She soon fled to San Francisco. She worked on the wharf…for the wax museum. She did hair, worked the gift shop, and scooped ice cream  In her spare time she worked for a private detective agency lol. Whew she had to return to return to Florida after an injury. She worked in the Oaks Mall from 1989 until she retired.

She has attended and been a member of Trinity for a long time. As the CARE team coordinator she enjoys participating in this ministry.

Nita White
Prayer Team Coordinator

Nita is a Tennessee native and lived there since she was 21.  She earned her Bachelors in Biology and Sociology at Jacksonville State University, and her Masters in Adult Studies at University of South Florida.

Nita worked many jobs but spent the last 32 years of her working life as a Social Worker.

Nita started attending Trinity MCC in 1999 and has served in several different positions since that time.

Nita enjoys the service and the fellowship at Trinity MCC.

As long as she could she enjoyed kayaking on rivers throughout the East and West; given a choice of going to a city or a National Park and Nature, National Parks and nature would win every time.