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Bruce Burbach Bruce Burbach


Bruce Burbach
Title: Music Director

Bruce Burbach was born in Hollywood, Florida.  His mother plays the piano and at age 2 he started banging on the family piano much to his parents chagrin.  His mom started to teach him the notes on the piano and at age 4 he was taken to a music evaluator who told his parents that he needed to start piano lessons right away! He continued to take piano lessons for years and started playing specials in church at the age of 7. When he was 11, he and his family moved to Lake Worth, Florida.  He started lessons with the pianist at the church.  She then had him start to accompany playing the hymns for the congregation.  He also started to sing in the choir. In high school, he auditioned for a singing group called “His People” and became a tenor in that group for 2 years. When he was 16, they moved to Keystone Heights, Florida.  When they arrived he almost immediately started accompanying the church as its principle pianist until he left for college.  He also directed a small singing group called “SonRise” with his fellow peers. He started college in the Winter of 1980 at Toccoa Falls Bible College in Toccoa Falls, Georgia.  Because people at the college already knew of his music abilities, he immediately auditioned to accompany a small singing group at the college named “Exaltation.” It was comprised of 6 singers and him. The group traveled around in the Northeast United States performing throughout the summer of 1980 for churches, youth groups and camps. He was in the United States Navy in the mid-eighties and attended churches where he accompanied many soloists.  In the late eighties, he moved to San Francisco, California.  He took Pipe Organ lessons at a college and was immediately put in touch with an organist at a United Methodist church.  He sang in the choir and accompanied many soloists on the piano and organ.  He has also played for numerous weddings. In 1994 auditioned for and sang with the San Francisco Gay Men’s Chorus for 6 years as a member of the 200+ voice choir. Bruce is now ready to move on and accompany a church along with its choir and congregation.  Bruce is very excited to now be attending the Trinity Metropolitan Community Church and honored to become its next music director.